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The explosion
Photography of the explosion in a stone quarry
The Storm
Rehearsal with intermission Director – Evgeniy Gelfond
Aroma de Cuba
The poster for the event cigar boutique
Logo animation
Logo animation
Армада Аутдор
Наружная реклама в Челябинске
Бесы. Сценические опыты.
Новый Художественный театр
Любите меня. Диагноз.
Новый Художественный театр
Страсти Медеи. Проделки Джакомины.
Новый Художественный театр
RAVAK Bathtub
Modeling and render Ravak Bathtub
Catholic men's cross
3D model of a jewelry cross
Advertising Photo
Advertising photography and design
Portrait photos
Chelyabinsk City
Photos of the city of Chelyabinsk
3D works portfolio
works and design
Hydroelectric power station "Thresholds"
Hydroelectric, power, station
Jewelry Photo
Studio photography of jewelry
The Swifts (Russian: Стрижи, Strizhi)
The fighter on a Air show in military airfield
Сalendar 2011 - 2012
Photos by me, design by Vitaliy Chervinskiy
Event photos in Chelyabinsk
AMG Perfomance Tour
AMG Perfomance Tour photo
Summer flowers
Summer flowers in the wind
Back to the past
Wedding photo in retro style
Photo interior
Interior of the architect Irina Fefelova
TV advertising
TV advertising shooting
Cadillac logo
Render of Cadillac logo
The girl with a cigar
The girl with a cigar
Sport Girl in Studio
Sport girl in studio
Wine In Glasses
Wine In Glasses made in Cinema 4D
ChelAutoSnab - 2014
Photo and design calendar ChelAutoSnab
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